about us

At giant, we offer you compliance driven global workforce management solutions using unrivalled technology and smart managed services. Our long-term clients – since 1992 and ongoing – include Page Group and Barclays Bank. But we love helping small companies too. Our assets? A gift for software, an unfailing commitment to compliance and decades of experience. All of our clients appreciate the results: streamlined processes, control, transparency, risk mitigation and cost savings.

cloud-based software

We provide applicant tracking, pre-employment screening, on-boarding and contract acceptance, paperless timesheet management, automated invoicing, payroll and payment solutions, vendor management and MI analytics that can integrate with your existing software.

professional managed services

We deliver neutral vendor supply chain and risk management, pre-employment screening, managed payroll, invoice finance, payment and employment solutions.

security & GDPR 

We take security very seriously. Our adherence to the rigorous international security standard ISO27001 ensures that your sensitive data is protected and GDPR-compliant, protecting you from financial and reputational risk (we also adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).

IT infrastructure and SaaS

Our vision is to be the best at what we do, across the breadth of our offering. That’s why we invest heavily in technology – all developed in-house and designed to boost business efficiency through highly automated, seamless, flexible processes. The result? Superior data accuracy, real-time transparency and accountability for everyone involved.

what we believe in

Our watchword for years has been compliance. For giant, it’s not an occasional nice-to-have. It’s a forever must-have. Our compliance protects you from risk. It’s one of our many passions that sets us apart. There are lots of things that set us apart. We’ve been managing workers since 1992. We pioneered the dedicated technology and customer care that others imitate. We operate in the UK and internationally. We anticipate changes in legislation and employment trends. And we win awards. All this means that you get the very best in workforce management.